Deborah Meister

Deborah Meister
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Deborah Meister

c/o filmmakers
fon +49 221 167910

Year of birth / Acting age
1990 / 25 - 35 Years
Place of residence
Berlin, Zürich, London, Hamburg, München
Berlin / Potsdam | Zurich | London | Los Angeles | New York
Tax residence
grew up in
170 cm
Figure / Build
Hair colour
Eye colour
Pitch of voice
German | English (Native language) | English (US) (Native language) | French (fluent)
Original dialect
SUI - Swiss German
SUI - Bernese German | SUI - Swiss German
jazz dance | step | waltz
Musical instruments
keyboard | piano
figure skating | inline skating | horse riding | sword combat | alpine skiing | snowboard
Special features
singer | composition | singer-songwriter
Driving licence
B - Car

from to Production Role Director Casting Director Channel
2021 2021 Es geschah am.... Nebenrolle Chanelle Eidenbenz SRF SRF
2018 Station 19 Nebenrolle ABC FAMILY
2017 Unsolved Nebenrolle USA Network
2017 Pure Genius Nebenrolle CBS
2016 The Middle Nebenrolle Lee Shallat Chemel ABC Family (USA)
2016 2016 Mike and Dave Nebenrolle 20th Century Fox FOX
2015 Kingdom Nebenrolle HBO - DirectTV (USA)
2015 Unusual Suspects Kelly Investigation Discovery Channel (USA)
2014 Top Five Studentin Chris Rock Kinofilm
2014 The Wellington Jena Wilson Franco Zilli Double Pictures Productions
2014 Top five Studentin (Tagesrolle) Chris Rock Kinofilm
2013 Near Death Hauptrolle: Kathrine Frank Luchs
2013 Escape Lead Lukas Frank
2012 Make it Happen! Hannah Müller Elisabeth June June Connection Los Angeles
2012 WAY OUT Marina (Hauptrolle) Sudama Leonard Pilot Film Los Angeles
2012 PAN AM Co-Star Alex Craves ABC
2012 Justice Johanna Kevin King CYR Productions Hollywood
2012 Hit the Mark Berta Wulfgang ( Series Regular) Chen Drachman Dragon Productions New York
2012 Bound for Broadway Singer Daniel Fohrlund Duplex Theatre New York
2011 The Three Sisters Irina Randolf Pearson Off Broadway- The Ansonia
2011 Blind End Catherine Lukas Franz DS Productions / Lucas Entertainment
2011 The last Resort Rita ( Nebenrolle) Eric Rivas Diamond Mind Films New York
2011 Breakdown Nicole ( Hauptrolle ) Samantha Roy NYFA New Yok
2011 Over the Bridge Justine (Nebenrolle) Bianca Ramadarsingh CUNY New York
2011 Cairo Stories Voice Over Judith Barry NBC
2010 Video Diary to Josh Marie ( Hauptrolle) Jason Wilson New Media New York
2009 Twelve in a Box Luisa Vivian Naefe EFAS
2009 Mission Uni Nina Andreas Schwarzinger University Channel CH
2009 Mein Bruder Christine ( auptrolle) Lukas Franz Lucas Entertainment DE
2009 Confusions Milly Sarah Ley Vereinige Bühnen Basel
2008 Luna Luna Rolf Sarkis EFAS
2008 Kinowerbespot Marlen Kristina Köstler Art-TV
2008 Taxi Madeleine Rolf Sarkis EFAS
2008 Cafe Jeannine Rolf Sarkis EFAS
from to Play Role Director Casting Director Theatre
2018 The Stars are alright Hauptrolle Sasha Murray Shelter Studios New York
2012 Broadway MIRACOLO Broadway Ensemble Kimilee Bryant Broadway
2011 The Stars go Down Mary Sasha Murray 900 Broadway, TACT
2011 Sing for the City Singer Housso Semon Seaport Theatre New York
2011 A bright Room Called Day ( play) Paulinka Erdnuss Jason Chaet Off Broadway- the Ansonia
2011 Triad Concert Singer Kimilee Bryant The Triad 72nd New York
2011 Wild Party Queeny Igor Baldin AMDA NYC
2009 Die Möwe Nina Rolf Sarkis EFAS
2008 Fräulein Julie Fräulein Julie Rolf Sarkis EFAS
2008 Time of my Life Stephanie Rolf Sarkis EFAS
2007 Kasimir und Karoline Karoline Susanne Bentzien EFAS
2007 Lieblingsmenschen Jule Helene Brückmann EFAS
from to Title Rolle Director Casting Director Comment
2021 Schweiz Tourismus Lead Nuesch Sisters Revolve Casting
from to  
2009 2011 American Musical and Dramatic Academy NEW YORK BFA in Fine Arts
2006 2009 European Film Actor School Zürich
2001 2011 Gesangsunterricht

Best Actress  - Los Angeles independent Short Film Festival - 2014, THE WELLINGTON Best Comedy - Los Angeles, Independent Short Film festival - 2014, THE WELLINGTON