Andy Magro

Andy Magro
Andy Magro
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Andy  Magro

21 - 31 Jahre  
163 cm
Berlin / Potsdam | Hamburg | Stuttgart | London | New York | Rom
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von bis Produktion Rolle Regie Casting Director Sender
2013 2013 DER FEIND AN DEINER SEITE HR John Miller, Soldat Richard Ruisi SAE Institute of Film Stuttgart, Kurzfilm
2012 2012 AKTENZEICHEN XY.. UNGELÖST - TRABI-FLIRT EHR Trabi-Fahrer, Täter Bettina Braun Gilla Pallmann ZDF
2012 2012 BADFLASH HR Confused Man Richard Ruisi, David Stumpe CamShot Entertainment, Kurzfilm
2011 2011 SOKO LEIPZIG - FIGHTCLUB EHR Dennis Kaufmann, Opfer Oren Schmuckler ZDF
2011 2011 IM JENSEITS DES WAHNSINNS HR Psychopath Tony Sperandeo Movie Machine Production, Kurzfilm
2011 2011 EINE DUNKLE BEGIERDE Jean Martin Freud David Cronenberg Deirdre Bowen, Iris Baumüller RPC Production, Universal Pictures International, Kinofilm
2010 2010 KLEINSTAD HR Ben Florian Al Salk
2010 2010 SOMMERREGEN HR Lukas Julius Grimm Chiasma Film, ProSiebenSat1 Produktion GmbH, Kurzfilm
2010 2010 SO ODER SO HR Flavio Massaro Ferhat Sahin FH Fachhochschule Dortmund, Kurzfilm
2009 2009 NACHTS HR Marco Julian Cohn Medienwerkstatt Biberach e. V., LBBW, DVD-Verleih, Kurzfilm
2009 2009 IM WEG HR Junger Mann Christina Heeck Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Kurzfilm
2008 2008 FRAUNHOFER GESELLSCHAFT - KINDERSPIEL HR Jugendlicher Täter Simon Schüller Socialspot, Fraunhofer Institut, WDR, Kinospot, Kurzfilm
2007 2007 POST VON SALLY HR Alfred im Jugendalter Sarah König Nano Filmproduktion, Kurzfilm
2005 2005 CASH FOR KIDS – DER BILLIGE WEG ZU TEUREN SCHULDEN HR Rico Peter Wingert Deutscher Caritasverband e.V., Imagefilm
2005 2005 JOE YOUNG FEAT. INSPECTAH DECK HR Jugendlicher Drogenjunkie Benjamin Eicher Musikvideo, Little Brother Films , Andere
von bis Stück Rolle Regie Casting Director Theater
2006 2006 DIE IDEENSCHMIEDE HR Auszubildender Andrea Magro
2002 2002 MIT JEANS IN DIE STEINZEIT HR Steinzeithöhlenforscher Verena Kurz
von bis Titel Rolle Regie Casting Director Kommentar
2009 2009 GOOD BYE, MICHAEL JACKSON Sprecher/Erzähler Peter Aberle Aberle Media, Dokudrama
von bis Titel Rolle Regie Casting Director Kommentar
2017 2017 CLUB MATE – THE ORIGINAL HR Olaf Mario Dahl Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Imagefilm
von bis  
2014 2014 5 months intensive Military, Extreme MMA, Muay Thai, TRX Fitness, Combat and Personal Training with Mike Karpenko (TapOut XT & XT2) & with Shaun T (Insanity, Beachbody) in Los Angeles
2013 2013 5 months full-time intensive Film & TV course, The Australian Film & TV Academy (TAFTA in Melbourne) with John Orcsik, Mick Preston, Jan Russ, David Newman, Tom McSweeney, Lou Mitchell, Faith Martin, John Preston, etc.
2012 2012 Horse Riding For Actors (5 days) intensive Course in Warwickshire with Karl Ude Martinez (Warwick International School of Riding)
2012 2012 Method Acting on Camera Workshop in Turin/Rome (5 days) with Anna Strasberg (Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute)
2011 2011 International Bernard Hiller Masterclass 12/2011 in Rom (2 Tage, Thema: Find your authenticity)
2011 2011 International Bernard Hiller Masterclass 12/2011 in London (3 Tage, Thema: Turn your dreams into reality)
2011 2011 International Bernard Hiller Masterclass 12/2011 in Rom (6 Tage, Thema: Becoming the actor you were born to be)
2010 2010 3 Tage Workshop, Method Acting, Marija Simic, Star Movie Kids, Köln
2009 2010 Schauspielausbildung, Live Act Akademie der Schauspielkunst, Stuttgart
2009 2010 Schauspielausbildung, Theater- und Filmakademie, Köln
2008 2009 Klassische Stimmbildung Jugendmusikschule, Pforzheim
2008 2009 Choreography/Video-Clip Dancing/Modern Dance Tanzschule, Stuttgart
2007 2007 3 Monate Workshop, Camera Acting, Ludwigsburg

Time and time again, it is when things are at their darkest that a miracle happens. This is just the case with multi-talented performer, Andy Magro – “I was almost quitting my career, but thanks to the amazing David Cronenberg who believed in me and hired me for a little supporting role in his feature film ‘A Dangerous Method’ starring Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender, I said to myself: Don´t quit and give yourself another chance to shine.”

Coming from a small town in Germany to being surrounded by some of Hollywood’s finest actors was a life-changing event for Andy. Being chosen for the role of ‘Jean Martin Freud’ in the film has served to provide him with a constant source of inspiration and motivation. To have his talent recognized and singled out by one of the industry’s most impressive directors pushes him to keep him improving in his craft, “you have to study all the time, because you are never too old to learn and you always learn new things.” As part of his ongoing drive to excel, he has completed a five-month acting course at TAFTA (The Australian Film and TV Academy).

Andy got his start in the world of acting when at 13 years old he established his own drama/film class at his school. Since then, he has spread his wings to encompass many aspects of the entertainment industry. In addition to acting, this Germany-born Italian-American performer is also a singer/songwriter as well as a model. As a model, he was the face of a German jewellery brand “Acredo-Wedding Rings”, as well as for the Frankfurt-based eye-laser-surgery company, “Care Vision Germany” and currently he´s the testimonial of a Swiss smartphone product called “Celltack”.

And since moving to Rome, he has become an official supporter of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) global campaign, ‘Save Tigers Now’ along with Oscar-nominated actor, Leonardo DiCaprio and is planning to raise more than 100.000 US$ within 60 days together with other celebrities in order to protect these wonderful and endangered animals. Besides that he will donate 50% of his earnings from his debut-EP (Never Stop Dreaming) to multiple charity organizations he´s currently working with through his own charity organization (United for Charity) to give as many kids as possible a lovely and adorable family and a place they can call home. I think every artist who creates public awareness thanks to his fame and even those who aren´t famous or not famous yet should donate something to save as many lives as possible!!

For Andy, acting has afforded him to explore as much of the performing world as he can. He said he enjoys “being as creative as you want, setting you free and creating and exploring new characters for every different role.” He loves making people laugh or cry or scream or to scare when he’s playing a character because then he knows that he did a good job, “.. if the audience get involved in the feelings and characters an actor plays and they really get an emotion because of that actor, then you are not an actor but an incredible amazing person with deep and real emotions”. He further said that “the set, the cast and crew become your second family and after a while you just don’t want to miss that special and unique feeling.” Acting has also allowed him the opportunity of “travelling around the globe and seeing different kinds of nature, cultures and people. That´s fantastic and I feel honored.”

Andy’s entertainment career has certainly been an impressive one. Mostly based in Europe, he has appeared in numerous German feature films, TV shows and series, short films, commercials and print ads. In Italy, he has done a short film playing next to Italian celebrity actor, Tony Sperandeo and the international acclaimed Italian music producer and pianist Maurizio Mastrini from Maurizio Mastrini Records (MPC International) has shown interest in a future collaboration.

He also said that he is currently working on his first EP which will contain Italian and English Pop/Rock songs and will be released on his 24th birthday (12/12/2014) digitally and on CD worldwide through his Berlin-based indie label "Phonector". His first music video will be shot in early 2015. There is also an international feature film in pre-production “Kid in the Box-The Last House in the Woods 2” directed by the Italian director Gabriele Albanesi. It is the sequel of the 2006-released movie which got International attention thanks to Minerva Pictures International and Sam Raimi from Ghost House Underground who distributed the first movie in the US and internationally.

Andy bounces back and forth between Europe, Australia and Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams. But he knows that he would have no chance of furthering his career without the help and support of not only his family and friends, but that of his acting coaches and business partners – “without them I wouldn´t be that person, artist and talent that I am now.” This multi-lingual (he speaks Italian, English, German and Spanish fluently and is currently learning French, Portuguese, Latin and Chinese-Mandarin) and multi-talented artist has Hollywood in his sights. Big plans are under way to make Los Angeles his base, and to once again find himself alongside some of Tinseltown’s finest.

2016 Gewinner Never stop Dreaming – Best EP Pop/Rock, The Akademia Music   
2019 Gewinner You And Me (DJ Sneaky Pete's Remix) – Best Dance/Electronica Song, The Akademia Music